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  • Lucy Healey

Welcome to the Brand New Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Website

Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services has a brand new, sparkly website dedicated as a virtual shop front to all of my hair and makeup services, projects, products and courses that I offer my clients.

I had a website for the business, but unfortunately viruses seem to be a true pain in my backside this year because just as the whole world is focusing upon the Coronavirus pandemic, my old website got hacked by someone who planted a nasty virtual virus that infected it beyond repair.

I spent a while feeling really sad about it. After all, it took me absolutely ages to create and held a lot of interesting content that I had taken time to write and put together. I was like a kid who had patiently built an amazing tower out of bricks and then some other kid had come along and kicked it down.

Dramatic I know, but it's never nice when someone ruins your hard work is it?

After a while though, it dawned on me that this could actually be a really good opportunity. A chance to take a moment to think about what I want as a website, a brand and also to truly have time to spend working on it seeing as the entire world was closed down for business.

So, that's what I have done. I combed through literally thousands of images of my work to showcase some of my absolute favourites. I've taken time to write out who I am and what I can offer to people in the detail that I wanted to. Hopefully in a way that reflects who I am as a person - which is warm, friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

And as part of this swish new website, I have this awesome blogging space to come to and write a whole load of fun and informative posts for! I want this blog to be a place where I can share content that appeals to clients and other hair and makeup artists alike. A space where I can write about anything that takes my fancy, whether that be work related or a little peep into what Style with Grace looks like behind the scenes.

There is just so much to write about, do and share... It's so exciting! I can't wait to get started.

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