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One to One 


Makeup application can be a source of much confusion and anxiety for a lot of people. Do you ever wonder if you are applying products correctly? What different products are actually used for? Which colours go together? 

So many questions and uncertainties, it can all get a bit overwhelming. 

Which is why a one to one lesson with Lucy Grace can help you get to grips and feel more at ease with your makeup routine. 

We will have an in depth consultation about your current routine, products, skin type. pin point particular issues you are having and target your ultimate makeup goals. 

You will learn how to apply your makeup, which tools you should be using and how to correctly store and maintain your collection too. 

An excellent service for all, whether you are a beginner or intermediate makeup fan. 

Group Lessons

This is a great way to spend quality time with your friends, try something different and learn new skills all at the same time!

Whether you are having a hen party, birthday party, general catch up or girl's night in, booking in for a group makeup lesson is a fun option for keeping the party going. 

Lucy Grace will provide a demonstration that you would then copy yourselves, with an in depth look into makeup application techniques, a Q & A where you can ask any makeup related questions that you may have, as well as a whole host of knowledgeable tips that Lucy Grace has picked up over the years within the industry. 

It is a fun way to interact with your friends, learn something new and make memories. 

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One to One Lesson

Based upon a two hour long one to one session with Lucy Grace covering:

- In depth consultation

- Shade matching and colour grouping

- Base makeup

- Day to night time eyeshadow look

- False lash application (optional)

- Finishing touches

- Tools and makeup maintenance

Price: £40.00

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Group Lessons

Based upon a two and a half hour group session with Lucy Grace covering: 

- Step by Step makeup look demonstration

- Base makeup

- Day to Night Eyeshadow look

- False lash application

-  Tools and makeup maintenance

- O&A session

Groups of 2 - 5 people maximum.

Price: £30.00 per person

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" Beauty Corner is a positive group for all things makeup! A VIP group I created which encourages you to seek out the best in all cosmetic brands, pick up tips and tricks of the trade, share reviews and learn all about makeup and it's application, as well as a chance get to know myself and a happy, supportive bunch of people! Click here to join and come say Hi!

Lucy Grace

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