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Hair and makeup education 

For Professionals

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" Are you a professional stylist looking to expand your skill set and, in turn, your business? Or are you a salon owner looking to encourage your team to think bigger and better for your clients? I have been specialising in Bridal Hair for over a decade and I can help you gain confidence within your up styling skills and hone your techniques to provide an excellent Bridal Hair Service!"

Lucy Grace

Providing Bridal Hair and Makeup services is an excellent way to take your business to a whole new level, increase your creativity within your work and to gain even more job satisfaction. 

Each course provided by Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services has been designed with you, the stylist, in mind. Styling bridal hair and makeup can seem like a truly daunting task, but we have designed these courses to break it down, step by step and make it easy for you to learn and feel inspired. 

Lucy Grace is on hand to give you advice at every turn, and to encourage you to expand your comfort zone by breaking all those personal barriers you put in place. 

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Bridal Hair Basics

1 Day Course Covering:

- Bridal Consultations and Admin

- Product and Prep Methods

- Five Basic Foundation Hair Ups 

- Finishing touches

Price: £99.00 per person. 

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Retro Hair 

1 Day Course Covering: 

- Product, Tools and Prep

- The Poodle 

- Victory Rolls

- Beehive

- Finger waves

- Dressing out waves

- Finishing touches. 

Price: Coming Soon. 


Plaits and Braids

1 Day Course Covering: 

- Product, Tools and Prep

- French Braid

- Crown Braid

- Dutch Braid

- Fishtail Braid 

- Infinity Braid

- Finishing Touches

Price: Coming Soon.

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Bridal Hair And Makeup 

2 Day Course Covering: 

-Bridal Consultation and Admin

- Product, Tools and Prep

- 6 Bridal Hair styles

- Finishing Touches

- 2 Bridal Makeup Looks

- False Lash Application

- Kit List

Price: Coming Soon.


Discover more... 

Wedding Hair Workshop by Style with Grace is a free Facebook group designed for hairstylists who want to learn more about hair up techniques for bridal and special occasion hair. Regular LIVES, quick videos, informative posts and a great sense of community. For qualified and professional hairstylists only. To come and join in click HERE

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