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FAQ's for Bridal Hair and Makeup


For your full Terms and Conditions, please click here as that will contain all the information you shall need. 



How do I make a Bridal Booking? 

Please contact Lucy Grace directly via the contact page here on our website. Lucy Grace shall be happy to help you with any enquiries. Please include the following information when looking to make your booking enquiry: 

- The date of Your Wedding

- The time Your Ceremony is due to take place

- A contact telephone number and email address

- How many people within your Bridal Party shall require services

- Which services people would like to have done

- Who would like to have a trial prior to the wedding date


How do I pay for my booking? 

Via cash, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Cheques are not accepted. Your wedding total is calculated and then your booking fee is 20% of your wedding service total which then gets deducted, with the remainder wedding total due to be paid upon completion of your services on your Wedding Day. Booking fees must be paid within two weeks of your invoice email being sent. 

Do I really need a Trial? 

Yes. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for your wedding hair and makeup. Lucy Grace will answer your questions, help you navigate the maze that is getting your look 'just perfect' and you will be able to fully envisage how beautiful you shall look as you walk down the aisle. It also helps Lucy Grace assess how long your wedding day services shall take, how to factor in other logistics such as photographers and registrars. Plus you can get to know Lucy Grace and she can get to know you. 

Where does my trial appointment take place? And how long does it take? 

At a time and place that suits both yourself and Lucy Grace. You can either book for her to come to your home, or a relative/friend's home, or you are welcome to come and visit Lucy Grace at her home studio based just outside of Horsham, West Sussex. 

A hair only or makeup only trial takes around an 60 - 80 minutes per person. 

A hair AND makeup trial takes 120 - 180 minutes per person. 

This is your trial and is all about you. Therefore please note that these times are a guideline, and you shall not be rushed at any point. 

Do I need to wash my hair or face before my trial or on my Wedding Day?

Please wash your hair the day before your appointment as freshly washed hair can be too slippery to work with. Makeup free is ideal but if you'd prefer to wear make up prior to your appointment, don't worry as Lucy Grace can provide makeup remover and moisturiser before getting started. 

Do you do lashes?


Lucy Grace applies strip and individual temporary lashes that last for one use. Ardell is our favourite lash brand. 

Can I add or take away members on my booking? 


Ideally, it would be best to know who would like to book in for which service prior to confirmation of your booking. But if you need to make changes to your booking, then please let Lucy Grace know as soon as possible. 

What should I bring with me for my trial? 

If you have chosen your hair accessories or perhaps a veil, then feel free to bring them along to your trial appointment as it will really help you to visualise how things will look. It will also help Lucy Grace plan how best to position your accessories within your chosen style. 

Do you have an assistant for larger bookings?

Yes, for larger bookings I commission another stylist to join me and provide assistance. This is always a stylist with whom Lucy Grace has worked on weddings with before, who has a high skill set and professional manner too. 

How do you work out the timing schedule for on the Wedding Day? 

Your chosen hair and makeup looks determine a lot of the time that shall be taken On the Day, as well as taking into consideration things such as pictures, sentimental moments with your loved ones, possible childcare and lots more. Lucy Grace shall speak with you about all these potential factors during your consultation and trial, then give you a plan for your Wedding Day.  If you would like an itemised time schedule, this can be created for a small fee. 

Can I have more than one trial? And can I change my mind? 

Yes of course. This is a big deal and we want you to feel like a true Bride. Should you wish to have more than one trial, that is possible to accommodate and the service shall be added to your bill. It helps for you to have a clear enough vision in your head of how you want to look on your day, as that prevents you from becoming confused and requiring a secondary trial. 

Do you provide lipstick for me to use through out My Wedding Day? 

Lucy Grace can transfer a little of your desired shade into a small, sterile, plastic pot for you to use for touching up your lip shade through out the day. There would be a small fee for this service. 

Which brands do you use? 

For styling, Lucy Grace uses a vast range of different products to finish and perfect her work, including brands such as L'Oreal, Osmo, MATRIX, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell and many more. 


For makeup, Lucy Grace uses MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay, Revolution Makeup Pro Artist, L'Oreal, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced and many more. 

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone my wedding? 

Hopefully this shall not need to happen, but in the even that it does you can find full details for my Bridal Terms and Conditions by clicking HERE


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