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Coronavirus (COVID 19) is at the centre of the pandemic we have all been learning to deal with and so much is still unknown about the virus and all of it's mitigating factors. 

I have conducted thorough research with regards to how it can affect my work and the services I provide, how best to protect my clients (and also myself) whilst working and I have also completed training on various courses to help prepare myself for running Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services going forward into 'the new normal'. I have consulted the NHBF and the FHA as well as our leading government's guidelines for help with my protocols and am confident that the measures I'm putting in place shall help us keep safe.

I have covered as many questions as I could here but if you have any more questions you would like to ask, or if you are unsure about anything that is listed here, then please contact me here directly and let me know how I can help. 

What should I do to prepare for my home hair appointment?

- Clear, clean and disinfect a surface for me to put my tools and products onto whilst I am working.

- Keep the room we are working in well ventilated by either an open door or window if possible. 

- Have your hair clean and dry. You don't have to style it, simply have it clean and dry.

- Have chair ready to sit on, an old towel to use and easy access to a power point. 

- Access to a sink to be able to wash my hands and clean my tools. 

Can I hug you hello? 

I am a very tactile, warm and friendly person. I usually would think nothing of giving out hugs to people but with the new guidelines in place, I shall not be allowed to hug you or even shake your hand. But please know that it is not meant to seem cold or unfeeling. It is for our mutual safety.

How should I pay you?

I still accept cash however it would be the ideal for me to be paid via bank transfer going forward and limiting the amount of time spent handling cash to limit exposure to germs. 

Have your prices increased? 

Yes. I have had to increase my pricing slightly in order to cover the cost for PPE, extra time it shall take me to effectively and efficiently clean and sterilise my equipment between uses and also to allow for the fact that the cost of hair and makeup products and equipment have increased due to the pandemic too. I have and will always price my services fairly and have always notified clients of any changes. All new pricing can be found linked to my Services Page

Can I offer you a drink or anything to eat?

This is always such a kind and welcoming gesture but please do not offer me anything to eat or drink. I shall be carrying my own drinks and lunch so don't worry about me going hungry or thirsty! It just wouldn't be wise to offer or receive food and drink during our appointments for now. 

Do I have to wear a mask to get my hair or makeup done? 

Yes. I shall be providing all the necessary PPE for us to wear during your appointment so no need to worry. I know it is uncomfortable but it is a requirement that has been made with our well being in mind. And you know nothing shall stop us from chattering away! 

What about when my colour is on?

In the past, I have always loved this time as it was an opportunity to sit with you and hear about all your news, share my news and just set the world right. But, I need to limit the amount of time that I am in close proximity with people and also within their house therefore for processing times I shall sit outside in my car (portable office!) and wait until it is time to cut/style your hair. You shall need to wash your hair yourself and don't worry, I will be there to check and say when your colour is ready to be washed off. 

Can I still have my hair blow dried and styled?

Yes, as long as PPE is worn and the room is well ventilated. 

Have you had any training with regards to the new health and safety procedures? 

Yes, I have completed and received two certifications for courses with leading salon disinfectant brand Barbicide and also learnt about setting my own health and safety training through teaching courses. 

What procedures will you be carrying out to ensure our safety?

- Disposable aprons, gloves, shoe covers as well as a face mask shall be worn by myself at all times

- I shall wash my hands as soon as I enter and before I leave a home and/or location. 

- I shall bring disinfectant wipes, barbicide spray, sterile containers, fresh gowns and alcohol gel to all appointments. 

- All items of equipment shall be cleaned and sterilised after every treatment. 

- Limiting time we spend together to when circumstances deem in absolutely necessary to your service.

Do the rest of my family need to be out of the house?

It would be ideal for us to conduct our appointment on a one to one basis however, I understand that having your hair appointment carried out at home would make that difficult. Other family members can of course be present within your home, I would just kindly request that they keep a social distance of 2M between myself and them and also refrain from touching my tools and products. 

I need to postpone my wedding date due to the Coronavirus, what should I do? 

Firstly, don't panic. I have also covered this question within my FAQ's page for Bridal Hair and Makeup so you can take a look at the information there and always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

What shall I do if I feel unwell? 

If you or any of your family members begin to feel unwell before your appointment date and time, you MUST let me know as soon as possible. I shall also notify you if I begin to feel unwell prior to our booking. This is actually relevant for any illness, not just for Coronavirus. 

What shall I do if myself or one of my household members tests positive for Coronavirus?

If you or a member of your household receive a positive test result prior to your appointment taking place then please notify me as soon as possible and we can postpone your appointment to take place after a quarantine period of 14 days. If you or a member of your household receives a positive test after I have been to conduct our appointment and it is less than 14 days since I have seen you, then please notify me immediately so that I can take appropriate steps to protect my family and other clients.

When will you be back to work? 

As it stands, the return date for hair and beauty businesses is set for the 4th of July 2020. I shall be opening my books to start booking in appointments on the 22/06/2020. I shall be working around my family and business commitments and there is only one of me so please be patient and as flexible as you can. I shall be working various day time, evening and weekend appointments and will fit everyone in as soon as possible. It is not possible to put everyone at the top of the list but I shall be working very hard to see you all without too long to wait. 

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