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Booking Your Wedding Services. 

Please contact me as soon as possible with the following information:

- The date of Your Wedding

- The time Your Ceremony is due to take place

- A contact telephone number and email address

- How many people within your Bridal Party shall require services

- Which services people would like to have done

- Who would like to have a trial prior to the wedding date 

I will provide you with a quotation invoice and, should you wish to continue with your booking, schedule a call to have a consultation at a time that is convenient for the two of us. 

Once you have confirmed that you are happy to proceed, I take a booking fee that is 20% of your full service total. The remaining service total is then required to be paid upon completion of your wedding day services and before I leave you to enjoy your wedding day. 

Your 20% booking fee is due within two weeks of confirming you would like me to hold your wedding date. It is a non refundable fee designed to reassure ourselves that we are both committed to your wedding date. 

A digital receipt shall be sent to you once I receive your 20% booking fee. Please be patient as I am a one woman team and catch up on my admin around work and family commitments.


All payment details can be found listed within your quotation invoice. 

Trial Appointments

Trial appointments are strongly advised for Brides. The cost is worked into your services total therefore you do not need to pay anything on the day. 

Should you decide that you do not wish to continue your booking through Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services, you shall be required to make your 20% deposit equal to the trial cost if it equated to less upon your initial quotation. If it equated to more than your trial cost, I shall refund you the difference

Trials can be help at the Bride's choice of location and I am happy to travel to you for them if needed. Alternatively, you are welcome to come to my home studio and I can carry out your trial there. 

Trials need to be conducted no less than six weeks prior to your wedding date. 

Timings and Additional Stylists

I shall only be able to advise you upon timings once we have established the style yourself and/or your bridal party are booking in for and a full consultation. 

I can provide an itemised schedule at your request for an additional fee. 

For larger bookings of where both hair and makeup are required by groups of 6 or more people, I bring an assistant with me of the day for an additional fee of £150.00. This stylist is someone I have worked with before and is essential to prevent feeling rushed and stressed on what is supposed to be a fun and relaxed part of your Big Day. 

Hair Extensions and Accessories

If you hire any clip in hair extensions or accessories for your wedding day, please ensure they are returned to me in the condition they were in when you hired them and within two weeks of your wedding day taking place. Should they become lost or damaged, you shall be required to reimburse me for their total cost. 

Parking and Fuel

As I am mobile and therefore using my car, please advise me on parking facilities in relation to your bookings. If parking costs occur then I shall require reimbursement for them within the final payment total. 

A fuel charge is only required for bookings that take place more than 5 miles outside of Horsham, West Sussex. I use a fuel calculator to determine such costs and for journeys that take over 30 mins, I charge a travel fee of £5 per 15 minutes. 

Refunds, Cancellations and Postponements. 

If for any reason you wish to cancel your wedding booking with Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services, your 20% booking fee is non refundable

In the very unlikely event of Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services need to cancel your services, a full refund of monies paid shall be provided. 

In the event of a postponement for your wedding, please notify me as soon as possible and I shall endeavour to transfer your services to the new date you have chosen. If I am unable to accommodate your rescheduled date, and the reason of postponement is deemed as avoidable, then no refund shall be given. If it is unavoidable, namely due to the Coronavirus pandemic, then a full refund shall be given. 

For your Trial, should you require to cancel due to illness or any other reason, please give me a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise I many need to charge a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees for trials equate to half of your 20% booking fee cost

If you cancel your wedding AFTER your trial has taken place, you shall be required to add any remaining monies to the booking fee you have paid in order to amount to the trial's fee. If the deposit you paid is greater than the trial fee, then Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services shall refund you the difference. 

If you cancel your wedding less than six weeks before the Wedding Date, you shall be required to pay 50% of your outstanding total to Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services. 

If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact me

Lucy Grace

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